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In Prairie's ocean of books we have great ones to read, read, read! With the online version of Accelerated Reader, your child has access to over 150,000 quizzes. If you would like to see if there is a quiz for a book click on this link Your child may also get books from bookstores, classroom libraries, or read from their bookshelves at home.

REMEMBER: Children do not have to read the books on their own. 

Reading Renaissance encourages TWI.  Read To a child.  Read With a child, or Read Independently.

PARENTS: You now have online access to your child's AR information with Home Connect! Use this address  Put in your child's username and password they use at school to take a quiz, and you can view your child's progress.

Accelerated Reader Certification Levels:

Students must also read two nonfiction books to achieve each level.  Certification of each level is only attained with an 85% average.